Brand2Direct: International Delight

Recently, I came across an old folder I had saved of print, brand advertisements from random magazines. Being a direct response marketer, I wondered how we may be able to use these today.

So, I decided to make a fun little project out of it that I’m calling Brand2Direct. We’re taking these brand advertisements and attempting to transform the copy into direct response style advertisements.

Sometimes, they’ll be terrible. Sometimes, they’ll be great. Join us and play along?

International Delight Iced Coffee Light

Brand Copy:

A frosty, vanilla sleigh ride down a hundred-calorie mountaintop.

Coffeehouse quality, anytime, anywhere. What’s your I.D.?

Quick Comments:

I mean, that sounds pretty delightful. A frosty, vanilla sleigh ride is something I’d definitely sign up for.

I’m not sure what they are asking when they ask me what my I.D. is? A passport? A license? Huh?

*Edit: About 15 minutes later, I realized that I.D. might stand for International Delight. Maybe?*

Would I remember the brand after seeing this? Probably not, but I’d likely remember that visual of a vanilla sleigh ride, so that’s cool.

Direct Response Copy:

Indulge your sweet-tooth without indulging your waistline.

It’s like a milkshake for your mind, but an apple for your body.

Get 20% off with code: DLITE2NITE

Quick Comments:

Was that the worst thing you’ve ever read, or did it not suck too much? Feel free to roast this in the comments, or give it a shot yourself! Excited to see what people come up with.

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