Brand2Direct: Stacy’s Pita Chips

Recently, we came across an old folder we had saved of print, brand advertisements from random magazines. Being direct response marketers, we wondered how we may be able to use these today.

So, we launched to make a fun little project out of it that we’re calling Brand2Direct. We’re taking these brand advertisements and attempting to transform the copy into direct response style advertisements.

Sometimes, they’ll be terrible. Sometimes, they’ll be great. Join us and play along?

Stacy’s Pita Chips

Brand Copy:

We hire snobs.

Food snobs, that is. Our bakers are foodies who have a passion for all things epicurean. When you’re making the best pita chips on the planet, we think it’s important you love what you do.

That’s the Stacy’s way. (And we’re not messing with it.)

Quick Comments:

This is pure brand copy, and it’s awesome. We love this. It speaks to the brand values and tells us about the folks behind it. It feels hearty and super confident, yet warm.

Some of the language may be a bit advanced for the average person – “epicurean”, so maybe we’d simplify it slightly.

Other than that, this is memorable. The image is also solid because frankly, pita chips aren’t the most beautiful things around.

Direct Response Copy:

Masterminds, unite.

Food masterminds, that is. The real foodies of the world – the ones who understand quality, depth of flavor, mind-blowing texture – come together over incredible food like our pita chips. If you know, you know.

If you’re a lover of flavor, treat your tastebuds to the adventure of Stacy’s.

Free sampling with code: FOODIESUNITE

Quick Comments:

Was that the worst thing you’ve ever read, or did it not suck too much? Feel free to roast this in the comments, or give it a shot yourself! Excited to see what you come up with.

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