Conversion Rate Optimization Strategy

How to Analyze Heat Maps & Get CRO Insights in 2023

Heat maps are a powerful tool to visualize data and understand user behavior. They can show you where users click, scroll, hover, or tap on your website or app. But how do you analyze heat maps and get insights from them? Here are some tips to help you get started. Define your goal. Before you […]


The 4 Commonly Misunderstood Conversion Marketing Terms You Should Learn

Among new digital marketers, the marketing conversion funnel can be a bit of a headache. On one hand, it’s the structural roadmap to driving conversions and retaining customers. Know it. Use it. Love it.  On the other, it’s so full of acronyms that it makes Forbes’ Jargon Madness bracket seem straightforward. Yes, over-abbreviation among conversion […]

Advertising Landing Pages

How to Make the Ultimate Landing Page: Top Tips to Boost your Online Marketing Campaign

Whether you’re looking to reach a wider online audience and drive those sales, or you’re just starting out and testing the waters with a fresh new idea, there is no question that a dedicated landing page is something you need in your business toolkit. Consider it just as essential to your online marketing campaign as […]

Advertising Strategy

Why You Should Use Counterarguments When Creating Copy That Converts

The best copywriters – the ones who really know how to make words not only pack a memorable punch, but actually convert – know that there are thousands of ways to craft your message. The most talented copywriters also realize that it’s more than a style, or a tone, or a set of words. And […]