Do These 3 Things to Boost Your College Enrollment

For college enrollment, things have changed quickly over the last few months, let alone the past decade. Not only are communication methods constantly changing, but so are students’ goals and priorities. On top of that, there seems to be millions of new strategies and tactics to try out. Through all the noise, it can feel […]


Brand2Direct: International Delight

Recently, I came across an old folder I had saved of print, brand advertisements from random magazines. Being a direct response marketer, I wondered how we may be able to use these today. So, I decided to make a fun little project out of it that I’m calling Brand2Direct. We’re taking these brand advertisements and […]

Landing Pages

Why You Need a Long Form Landing Page: A Complete Breakdown

Most people have one of two opinions on long form landing pages: 1) they’re gimmicky or 2) they just aren’t “right” for my company. Although we can’t change the opinion of folks who think they’re gimmicky — despite the fact that opinion was probably formed due to a sales page they saw 10 years ago […]